Grimsby Driving School

Our Intensive driving courses are available throughout Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham and surrounding areas. Crash courses like this are driving courses intended to pass your driving test and get your license as quickly as possible. Below is a quick guide to show the process we take for the most effective intensive driving lessons Grimsby has available…

Make an Assessment...

An assessment is completed by your driving instructor to see what your driving abilities are and how quickly you pick up the necessary skills. This will enable your driving instructor and yourself to see what will be the key areas to work on and give you an outline as to how much teaching you require.

Review your Results...

This is an opportunity for your driving instructor to discuss with you the outcome of your assessment and what they recommend for your intensive driving lessons. They will inform you on what areas are your strengths and weaknesses and how to work on these to get you ready for your test.

Book your test!

This needs to be done before the driving course starts so that your driving instructor knows what timescale they are working to.

Start the course...

Your driving instructor will work closely with you to guide and prepare you for your driving test. Through expert tuition you will learn how to control the car, manage roads, both busy and quiet, complete manoeuvres such as parallel park, reverse round corners, reverse park, turn in the road and emergency stops. During your driving experience you will learn what is required to become a safe driver, benefitting not only yourself but other drivers and pedestrians too. The driving school car is fitted with additional mirrors and dual controls allowing the driving instructor to monitor any situation and also giving you the extra reassurance and confidence to know you are in safe hands.

and finally - take your driving test!

On the day of your driving test, you will have an hour lesson before your test to allow your driving instructor to prepare you, answer any last minute questions you may have and go through any worries you may have. Your driving instructor will appreciate that you may be nervous, this hour is also used to help calm those nerves before the test itself. You may request for your instructor to be present in the car during your test, though this needs to be organised prior to your test.

More information about our intensive driving lessons in Grimsby can be obtained through your instructor. Why not give us a call now and see how quickly you can get started on one of our intensive courses! 

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