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Driving test statistics in Grimsby

Some interesting stats for driving tests taken in Grimsby

We have collated some statistics detailing driving tests taken in Grimsby and looked into pass rates. This data was obtained from the UK government website.

From April 2016 to March 2017 Grimsby Coldwater driving test centre hosted 3,589 driving tests. 1,694 of these driving tests were passes which works out at a success rate of 47.2% for Grimsby.

Male tests:

  • Conducted – 1,650
  • Passes – 830
  • Pass rate – 50.3%

Female tests:

  • Conducted – 1,939
  • Passes – 864
  • Pass rate – 44.6%

In 2015-2016 Grimsby Coldwater hosted 2,143 first attempt driving tests. 933 of these tests were passed on the candidate’s first go, giving Grimsby a 43.5% first time pass success rate. 22 of these tests were passed on the candidate’s first attempt with zero faults.

  • Male first attempt pass rate = 46%
  • Female first attempt pass rate = 41.1%

In the Grimsby area male pupils currently have a slightly better pass rate than females, however with G-Drive, we ensure that all of our candidates get everything they need from their instructors to fully prepare them for their driving tests.